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Dr. Singh is available to make on set calls for television and movies in the Southern California area. He can make appearances at sound stages or shooting locations, and provide services to those in need.

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Police officers handle a range of physically taxing jobs during the course of duty each day. From wearing a heavy and bulky duty belt to sitting in a cruiser for extended periods of time, police officers have occupational hazards that can lead to chronic lower back pain. This pain can make it impossible to complete the demands of the job effectively and can sometimes force…

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Sports Chiropractors Dance and sports injuries can cripple your performance. Our sports chiropractors specialize in the care of musculoskeletal injuries and injury prevention. Through a process involving soft tissue work, joint mobilization, and rehabilitation, Singh Rehabilitation provides support for any type of patient to recover from injury and perform at their best. Our gym-like facility in Anaheim Hills offers a combination of chiropractic care and physiotherapy, with a personalized plan…

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Chelsea, Professional Hawaiian Dancer

Professional Basketball Player, Orange County

International Soccer Player, Orange County

Very detailed oriented.

C. Maggette

Very knowledgeable of the movement of the human body.

A. Miller

Makes you feel like family.

A- Red

Takes time to explain what is causing the pain and how we are going rehab it

K. Nguyen

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