Are your chronic migraines or text-neck headaches keeping you from participating in the activities you love?

The most common types of headaches are migraines and text neck. Both of these can be debilitating, causing aches, discomfort, or throbbing all over the head. When left untreated, patients are unable to function at their normal high level, meaning they cannot play the sports they love, work in the garden as they once did, or even go on a simple walk with their family members. Text-neck headaches specifically happen when tension in the neck from repetitive stress radiates all over the head.



If you are experiencing any of the listed symptoms, visiting Singh Rehabilitation for your complimentary consultation can be a step that changes your life for the better. We offer chiropractic care as well as physiotherapy to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and create good habits. Ready to recover from your persistent headaches? Give us a call or contact us through our website HERE.

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