Chronic Back Pain Over the Holidays

December 06 | drsingh

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The holiday season is a time when everyone wants to be at their best. As the year comes to an end, early sunsets are followed by twinkling lights and calendars fill up with events and get-togethers. Favorite decorations come out of storage to bring a festive glow to our homes, and we go the extra mile (literally and figuratively) to get the perfect gifts and spend time with the people who are most important to us. It’s a workout that often doesn’t feel like one, because it’s fueled by enthusiasm.

Neck Pain or Back Pain?

Unfortunately, the joy of the holidays can be spoiled if you’re dealing with pain. Perhaps it’s familiar neck or back pain that’s flared up when you’re out of your normal routine or a lower back strain from trying to lift something too heavy in a hurry. Maybe it’s an attack of sciatica sending a jolt of pain down your leg when you’re trying to run to the store to get a surprise gift for your best friend on the way home from work. Or perhaps it’s knee or ankle pain that’s keeping you on the couch when you’d rather be hiking with your kids during their winter break.

When schedules are hectic, like when year-end tasks at work or school collide with the excitement and bustle of the holidays, it’s too easy to put off dealing with our physical health. We dull the pain with an ice pack or over-the-counter medicines and tell ourselves that we’ll take care of it when things calm down. In the meantime, that pain means it isn’t possible to fully participate in the family festivities and holiday fun, either because you’re too uncomfortable to take part or too distracted to enjoy yourself when you do. Don’t look back on the holidays with regret because your pain kept you out of the mix. Singh Rehabilitation can address the cause of your pain to help you enjoy the holidays wholeheartedly.

The Best Gift – Specialty Chiropractic Care Combined with Physiotherapy

Physical pain doesn’t just limit the activities you can take part in, keeping you home when others are out and about. Even when you’re present, pain drains your energy and your mental focus, pulling you out of the moment even when you’re right there. Give yourself and the people who care about you the best gift possible over the holiday season—the gift of expert care at Singh Rehabilitation.

At Singh Rehabilitation, we work with patients of all ages and level of fitness, using a unique mix of chiropractic and physiotherapy to eliminate pain, restore mobility and strength, and build flexibility, stability, and balance. Our goal is to get you back to a fully functioning, pain-free state where you can pursue the activities you love. We start with a full examination to determine the source of your pain and map out a customized plan of treatment to achieve and maintain your goals. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or an accident or have pain that has developed over time, we can help.

Spine Health for the Holidays and Beyond

For the communities we serve in the Anaheim Hills and Yorba Linda, Singh Rehabilitation is offering complimentary assessments during the holiday season to get you on the road to wellness without delay. Our comprehensive approach is designed to align your musculoskeletal system, correct movement patterns, and enable your body to heal itself for ongoing comfort and well-being. We treat, educate, and support you for long-term therapeutic success.

When you put dealing with your neck, back, knee, or ankle pain at the top of your list for the holidays, you’re focusing on what really matters—making sure that you can be there for your family and friends instead of missing out on the activities and gatherings that make this time of year unforgettable. Let Singh Rehabilitation help you close out this year and stride into the next in comfort and confidence. To find out more about our services or to schedule your complimentary assessment, contact us here.

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