If you are looking for the best chiropractor in Anaheim Hills, Singh Rehabilitation has an amazing gym-based facility that combines chiropractic care and physiotherapy.

Most people want an adjustment and that can be done at our facility, working with partners who provide a variety of services from x-rays to orthopedic services.

Our practice is focused on addressing the root cause of your problems so you don’t have to continuously have recurring pain. We want you to really understand your body, your joints, the cause for inflammation so you can get the education to prevent further injury or triggers for pain.

Dr. Singh has an amazing passion for sports himself and understands what it takes to be game-ready. His entire family is focused on fitness and sports specifically basketball.

With his personal passion for sports and medical focus on chiropractic and physiotherapy combined, Dr. Singh has created a unique facility where healing and therapy are based on facts.

“It is not a one size fits all facility,” says Dr. Singh. I truly believe each person requires their very own treatment plan. Regardless of what age, gender, celebrity or kid – we welcome you to our facility.

Our only ask is that you do make your appointment, arrive on time as each patient is given undivided attention. We respect each patients care at the highest levels.

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What symptoms or pain do we treat?

Chiropractors treat pain related to the spine only. With the combination of chiropractic care and physiotherapy, we are able to see other pain you might have like an ankle problem or knee pain. Some typical problems we hear from patients are:

  1. My neck is tight from working at the computer. It is causing tingling down my arm and some numbness in my finger.
  2. I injured my leg during a game. Some come in with injuries from playing football, basketball, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, ice hockey, swimming, volleyball, figure ice skating, synchro ice skating and many more. Some are young children who are focused on competitive sports. Others are adults both young and old.
  3. I can’t swing my golf club as well any more my shoulder hurts.
  4. I think I have tennis elbow, we identify the cause for the pain and provide customized treatment plans.
  5. I use to be better at my game, my hips and joints just feel stiff and sore.
  6. My dance moves aren’t smooth any more, I am in a lot of pain. Get back into dancing with a structured treatment plan.
  7. My lower back has a shooting pain down my right leg, could this be sciatica? Sciatica is very common and can cripple you from simply getting out of bed. Avoid surgery by getting the root cause of the problem addressed.
  8. My shoulders are so sore and I have painful headaches, it is causing my neck to be stiff.
  9. My son / daughter is playing competitive sports and has an injury that need to heal so they can apply for college scholarships.
  10. I need to be adjusted before each game, I get so stiff and sore. We can assist with getting game ready.

We don’t just pop or crack your spine. This is a consultative approach so we get to the root cause of the problem.

Because we care for each patient at the highest levels, each appointment has to be pre-booked. We will ensure your time with us is uninterrupted and dedicated as well. We are a very unique facility in Anaheim Hills. If you are looking for the best chiropractic care, try us. Find out for yourself by booking your very first appointment.

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Chelsea, Professional Hawaiian Dancer

Professional Basketball Player, Orange County

International Soccer Player, Orange County

Very detailed oriented.

C. Maggette

Very knowledgeable of the movement of the human body.

A. Miller

Makes you feel like family.

A- Red

Takes time to explain what is causing the pain and how we are going rehab it

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