Basketball Season in Anaheim Hills

December 20 | drsingh

Basketball Injuries

Basketball season has begun, and for parents wanting their children to get healthy physical activity, the sport is an attractive choice for many reasons. On top of building physical stamina, agility, balance, and hand-eye coordination, the game encourages the development of team building and strategy as players learn to work together. Early participation in sports also sets students up for a lifetime habit of healthy physical activity, as well as teaching them the value of goal setting and discipline.

In the Anaheim Hills, children have an early opportunity to learn to play with National Junior Basketball, a nonprofit organization founded in 1983. This youth basketball league focuses on sportsmanship and player development, with opportunities for skills training and competitive play. The Rookie League for K-1st grade and the Divisional League for 2nd through 8th grade are open to all, while All-Net (the NJB’s most competitive league), Bring Your Team (BYT), and Stars/Club Basketball offer a greater challenge for more skilled athletes. The higher level of competition in All-Net especially helps to prepare players getting ready to play on their high school teams.

The Path to Academic Success

Student athleticism is about more than just physical fitness, however. Research shows that taking part in sports can help contribute to educational and career success, backing up the instincts of parents who see the positive difference participation makes for their children [i]. The path they see forward for their students to move from a high school career in basketball to college participation has benefits in both school and later life. A 2020 Gallup study on the college experiences and life outcomes of college graduates who competed in NCAA athletics showed them thriving both in and after college [ii].

Basketball is also a way for students to distinguish themselves from a competitive crowd of college applicants, and to get scholarship support for their postsecondary education. Local high schools such as Canyon High School, with a strong sports culture, give young people the opportunity to develop their skills and work toward championship status. For long-term success, however, the drive for excellence should be tempered with a focus on physical well-being.

Sports Injury Prevention

As the stakes have risen in youth sports, so has the incidence of sports-related injuries. The higher intensity of competitive training along with the propensity of the young to consider themselves invincible until proven otherwise can set student athletes up to get hurt. It is not inevitable that high-level training will lead to injuries, though. Wise training strategies coupled with the right support can keep student athletes healthy and improve performance.

At Singh Rehabilitation, we believe strongly in sports injury prevention, especially in children, because often one injury can make an athlete prone to further injury in the future. Students and their parents should be celebrating their athletic successes, not regretting potential cut short by early injuries. Our combination of sports chiropractic and physiotherapy helps to prepare athletes to perform at their best with a deep understanding of how posture and movement affect athletic performance and health.

While sports rehabilitation is most closely associated with helping athletes recover after an injury has already occurred, it can be much more than that. By observing an athlete in action, we can detect improper biomechanics and muscle imbalances that can impair performance and increase the risk of injury. We can then create an individualized plan of treatment and exercise to correct problematic movement patterns and to build strength, flexibility, and stability.

Sustaining Athletic Achievement

The start of a new basketball season is a time of anticipation, both for kids new to the sport and seasoned athletes working to improve on personal bests. Singh Rehabilitation can help you support your student athlete and their ambitions with personalized care designed to strengthen their fitness and their overall well-being. Our gym-based Anaheim Hills facility is conveniently located for area families. To find out more about how we can help your basketball player stay fit and healthy throughout the season or to schedule an appointment, contact us here.



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